Small Glossy Red & Burnt American Flag

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 The U.S. Constitution bestows on each American the right to bear arms, and now you can conceal your firearms and other accessories with a piece of art depicting the beautiful Stars and Stripes.  Crafted burnt & Distressed pine that allows for a truly unique one-of-a-kind look. Each unit is shipped with mounting hardware.

Small Concealment Flag (Concealment portion behind the stars)


 -31" x 19" x 3".Interior compartment is 13"x 9". Just enough to store a handgun and some magazines inside the 2.25" Kaizen gun foam.   A magnetic lock is provided to ensure safety while still allowing quick and easy access. 

Video on Small Concealment Flag:


Chunky Shelves wooden flag weapons concealment wall decor contains a secret compartment for gun storage. Our American flags are rustic home decor that look great in a man cave, office or anywhere you want to conceal your weapons. Protect Your Shelves! 

About the foam

** We use Kaizen Gun Foam Sets. Which means Durability, Reliability, Protection. All the characteristics you love  are now available for your flag interior. Our Kaizen Foam ™ product offers long-term protection from impact, vibration and clutter. Fabricated specifically for our concealment line, our Kaizen Foam ™ inserts are easily customizable and offer a snug fit with a professional look
** The 2.25 inch thick High density Kaizen foam insert is easily modified to suit your needs and give you ample room for various home defense items. To configure simply lay out your firearms and accessories on the foam and trace with a marker or ballpoint pen.  Then cut the shapes you desire out of the foam will securely hold your items without moving and rattling keeping them right where you need them. Handmade BY PROTECTYOURSHELVES.
** This Flag  was designed to work with standard 2″x 4″ walls sixteen inches on center that are found in most homes and apartments in the United States. It does not require any interior modification to your wall, and is simple to hang right onto the surface of your wall and screw to the studs on the bottom of the flag so the flag cannot be easily removed
** With this Flag installed you will enjoy the the beautiful and useful addition to your room, complimenting your existing decor theme, and most importantly the ability to respond to a threat in your home at a moments notice. All Flags come with a piece of fully customizable gun foam that is glued to the inside of the concealed compartment (Instructions Included)

All flags are made in USA by Veterans.

Flag comes with following:
Pre-mounted brackets for installation
Blank pieces for each compartment of user friendly layered foam that cuts with a simple razor knife or box cutter.
(Guns not included)
Check out our how to videos for foam cutting, lock operation and installation on our website!

Shipping to AK & HI needs extra shipping paid.

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